Bible Studies

The Word of the Lord

with Scott Hahn & John Bergsma

The Word of the Lord is a video subscription that gives weekly reflections on the Sunday Mass readings by Scott Hahn and John Bergsma.

Take a deep dive into the Mass to prepare yourself each week. Dr. Bergsma and Dr. Hahn engage the readings of the Liturgy of the Word to provide their context and deeper meaning. But they go deeper than a scholarly discussion—they also ask how the readings apply to our own lives and the times we live in now. With these personal reflections, you’ll get to know Dr. Hahn and Dr. Bergsma, you’ll get to know the Scriptures, and you’ll go deeper each week into your own relationship with the Lord.

As a personal devotion or plan of study, the videos provide you with all you need. Plus, you’ll get an added bonus of detailed outlines for each episode with room for personal notes.