How to Read the Bible?

How to Read the Bible?

For a beginner, reading the Bible can seem as quite a daunting task as it is a book like no other. It contains many literary genres, and the ancient language may be confusing to understand.  However, there are ways to start reading the Bible in a way so as to bring the Word of God into life and consequently change your heart as you read it.

To start with, you might like to consider reading the gospels in the New Testament.  This will be an easier place to start to familiarise yourself with the teachings of Jesus Christ and to allow yourself to dig deeper into his message of salvation.

If you prefer to get an overview of the Bible’s whole story, reading it through the Great Adventure® Bible Study Program and The Bible Timeline® Learning System developed by Jeff Cavins might be a good option.  This timeline gives you an in depth look into the periods of salvation history beginning with Genesis and ending in the New Testament using a colour-coded system making the core story of salvation history easier to understand.  It is also the Bible used on the #1 podcast The Bible in a Year (with Fr. Mike Schmitz) ™ featuring Jeff Cavins!

It is important to remember that the Bible is God’s way of speaking to us.  We believe as Catholics that is inerrant as it is the inspired Word of God.  Through regular reading of the Bible, we come to know God better and this is central to our faith and identity as Catholics.